Autumn holidays

Wilderness adventure

Join us at Ida’s home in the Norrland village of Norråker on a different autumn holiday week! This year, when nothing is as usual, we can offer families this fantastic opportunity to get out into the countryside and experience a completely different way of life than city life, many of us live today.

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Here you will find some of our activities, but we are flexible. So, if you want to mix between the activities or find your own programs then we will help you do it!

  • In winter you can take a ride on a dog sled,
  • explore on the snowmobile or
  • become a better driver on our ice track.
  • hunting,
  • fishing
  • skiing

Driver training is a tailoring course that fits both beginners and advanced drivers.

Don’t forget the the summer months offer fishing, hikes, wildlife viewing…..

and there is always the peace and quiet.

Winter adventures

Dog Sledging

Take an opportunity in a life time to take a ride on a sledge through the mountains of Norråker while commanding a pack of the finest Swedish Huskies.

From SEK 500