It doesn’t matter if you come here for a special reason or if you’re just passing by, the little village of Norråker offers you everything you need and beyond.

Placed on the tip of lake Tåsjön, bordering Lapland with it’s wilderness, Norråker is truly breathtaking.

Feeding the 250 village inhabitants as well as introducing   flavours from far away countries, Norråkers Handel, the local food store provides more than just butter, milk and bread. Here you can get the most delicious cheese delivered to the store straight from the farms in France. Incredible and truly unique!

The village itself provides for everything you need on your way to explore our amazing country side.

There are a lot of beautiful places to see and experience. The great region of Tåsjö, the meeting point where the rivers Saxälven and Sjougdälven finally meet the lake after rumbling down several kilometres on the mountains, catch a fish in one of the lakes or rivers and cook it over an open fire and off road bikers can enjoy the danger of a 150 km gravel trip to Borgafjäll and back. There are plenty of hikes in the area with a good chance of spotting moose, reindeers, beavers and bears. Our region is the most bear and moose populated area in Sweden. This is nature at it’s best!

So, if you are not in a hurry, come visit us!

Useful information

Telephone number: +46671-300 02 or +46 (0)70-660 00 01


Road description

If travelling north on road 45, turn left just before Hoting to Norråker. 50 kilometre and a nice trip later you are here. If you want to go north after the visit, take the nice gravel road over Högland and beautiful Blaikfjället up to Vilhelmina.

Welcome to Norråker!